Community Standards

PMG Community Standards – January 2021

In Summary

Faithdom is the property of Proverbs Media Group LLC.

Faithdom is a social media platform to bring All Christians Together In Our Nation. This platform is intended to serve as a tool for communication, fellowship, organization, discussion and coordination for Christians and was built with Christian principles in mind.

As such, Faithdom is intended to be a space that is fitting to help educate and support Christian youth (from age 17 and up) as well.

In general, if you would not say something at a table with both youth and adults present over a cup of coffee after church on Sunday, you should not post it here. We expect that all participants on this platform will behave in a way that models the Christian tenets of love and grace at all times.

While we know that as a part of these discussions there will be disagreement as we learn and grow together, we have a duty to the Christian Community to model for the rest of the world how respectful, loving, thoughtful discussion can and should be one of the most important aspects of living our faith in our society.

Violating the spirit of the above, or the specifics of the below, may result in removal of your post and/or your account on Faithdom. Please note that we reserve the right to update and alter or change these standards at any time and to interpret these standards in the way we see best fits each individual situation. By using this application, you agree to abide by these standards and that the Proverbs Media Group and Faithdom. Staff have all rights to make final determination on enforcement of rules and account status.

Relevance All posts should be relevant to the forum or thread on which they appear. It can be difficult to follow a topic and engage in meaningful discussion if there are many irrelevant posts. This includes cross posting (making repeat posts across different threads).

Private and Confidential Information Do not publish anyone’s personally identifiable information; personal health information, including medical information; financial conditions; or any other sensitive or confidential information that identifies you or any other person or entity. ASSUME THAT ANY INFORMATION POSTED IN THE FORUMS IS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.

Trolling, Abuse and Threats Do not troll, threaten, harass, defame, disparage, menace, stalk, or abuse any user, individual, or entity, or encourage anyone else to do so. This includes unwelcome comments about another user or repeat invitations or requests for offline meetings.

If you disagree with someone, be respectful. Personal attacks, insults, and disparagement are not acceptable conduct. This includes the disparagement and insult of another denomination’s

beliefs. Please keep theological discussions respectful, as you would if you were at an in-person bible study.

Hate Speech Do not use language that is racist, sexist, or degrading to any religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or nationality, or is otherwise offensive. Even in situations where we, as Christians, know certain behaviors to be sinful, we must act in a way that is in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ: that is to love the sinner and show grace in every thought, word and deed.

Illegal Activities Do not engage in, or advocate engaging in, any fraudulent, violent, or other illegal conduct. This includes posting links to any offsite content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or features illegal activity including piracy of intellectual property, violence, drug use, and other inappropriate content.

Impersonation Do not impersonate any person or entity, including the staff of Proverbs Media Group. Moreover, users may not state or imply that any product, service, individual, or entity is sponsored or endorsed by Proverbs Media Group. Impersonation is a form of bearing false witness and will result in account termination.

This includes using multiple accounts to “sock puppet” or using throwaway accounts to post. It also includes intentionally spreading disinformation through your posts.

Spam and Advertising Do not repeatedly post commercial information without actively engaging in the community. Do not post any information related to multi-level marketing, network marketing, or other similar businesses. Do not post any message or content for which you have been compensated to do so. Any post made by bots or other automated systems will immediately result in account termination. Any posts of commercial activity that our Trust and Safety Team deems fall outside of acceptable use will be removed. In addition to not advertising items for sale, any fundraising or request for donations is also strictly prohibited.

Obscenity Do not submit obscene, pornographic, sexually suggestive, or otherwise offensive content. Do not post text, language or words that are offensive, including vulgar terms and especially those that take our Lord’s name in vain or are in any other way disrespectful of the Christian faith. As a general rule, Faithdom is intended to be safe for a PG-17 audience. However, we reserve the right to remove any post that our Trust and Safety Team feels is counter to the spirit and community principles of Faithdom.

Intellectual Property Do not infringe, misappropriate, or otherwise violate any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights of any individual or entity.

Violating the General Community Standards As a Christian community there will be posts and comments that violate the general sense of respect and standards of our brothers and sisters in Christ. If your account is found to be consistently violating those standards, regardless of specific violations outlined above, it will be removed.

We reserve the right to terminate any account or remove any post at any time to maintain the integrity and sense of community of Faithdom. We believe in the right to free speech as well and encourage those who wish to engage in communication in violation of these standards to build their own online community elsewhere to engage in such behavior.