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Faithdom is a virtual community of believers that connects us in a social media platform that allows us to share and engage as well as encourage each other into action. We believe when our faith turns into action it engages us in service to our community and to our country.

Connect With Other Christians
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So, we built Faithdom, a social media platform where all Christians can unite in word and ACTION and proudly live a God centered life without the negativity that permeates the social media platforms of today.

Show God's Love and
Serve Others

God blesses us to be a blessing to others and our desire is to encourage believers toward action in service to those around them, especially the vulnerable and hurting.

Christian News Journal

Grow in Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding

The Christian News Journal is a faith-based news website that carries news, commentary and feature articles with a concentration on current events, political issues, church trends, inspirational stories that are relevant to Christians today.